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Schiff Fountain

Schiff Fountain in the 1980s
Schiff Fountain in the 1980s, New York City Parks Photo Archive
Schiff Fountain in 2008
Schiff Fountain in 2008, Photo by Linda 3/2008.

The Friends of Seward Park advocate restoration of the historic Schiff Fountain, the sad remains of which stand in the Essex Street portion of the park. A good discussion of the state of the fountain can be found on Samuel Gruber’s web page.

Samuel Chotzinoff in his memoir, A Lost Paradise, describes the changing scene at the fountain in Rutgers Square: “In the morning there were mothers and babies and women shoppers, tired out from bargain hunting sitting there. Late afternoon, school children sailing paper boats and playing tag around the benches. In the evening, old people sat around to catch the breezes. They were followed by young couples who had been walking hand in hand in the square, waiting for a chance to sit down.”

A photo of the fountain in 1908 appears in the NY Public Library Digital Gallery.

A 1903 video showing kids bathing in the Schiff Fountain.

Here’s a link to an article about the Fountain in Untapped Cities.



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