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Yucca destroyed

Photos by Linda May 2010

Yucca is a desert plant with thick, sharply pointed leaves. Yuccas are pollinated specifically by the yucca moth which lays its egg in each bloom so that the larvae may eat the seed after hatching. Yucca has lance-shaped leaves growing in a rosette pattern, on a woody stem or trunk-like frame. The flower blooms of yucca grow in summer, and develop into a beautiful, creamy-white pendulum of bell-shaped flowers that tower 8 feet above the mother plant.

As you can see in the photos above, we lost quite a few flowers to vandals just recently. There is only one bloom left. We need to relocate our yucca away from the fence.

To transplant yucca, start by digging a hole around the plant. It’s important to start from a short distance away from the plant as some species have long rhizomes to all sides. Slowly dig closer with your fingers or a trowel. When you have removed a lot of soil around and beneath the rhizomes you should be able to lift it up. This is best done in spring, so that the plant can have a long growing season to reestablish itself.